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Experience the captivating energy of Kat Roberts, a speaker whose life's tapestry of triumphs and trials promises to inspire, connect, and transform you.


Experience the Captivating Energy of Kat Roberts

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Meet Kat

Kat Roberts is a dynamic force of inspiration and empowerment. Her journey, marked by both triumphs and trials, equips her to deliver keynote speeches that are truly transformative. From building a multi-million dollar e-commerce business to overcoming significant personal challenges, Kat’s story is one of resilience and determination. She has a unique ability to connect with audiences, offering insights on entrepreneurship, personal growth, and the power of community.

She will help you unleash your potential

Kat, the visionary behind Emtota, has transformed adversity into triumph. Her compelling story, from being a teenage mother and domestic abuse survivor to thriving as a successful entrepreneur, offers valuable lessons and inspiration. Kat’s keynotes are designed to ignite your potential, providing actionable strategies and heartfelt encouragement.

Key Topics Include:

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Navigating the digital age with expertise and creativity.

Resilience and Empowerment: Transforming personal challenges into powerful growth opportunities.

Health and Well-being in Business: Thriving despite health challenges, with a focus on balance and self-care to grow a highly successful business.

Motherhood and Business: Balancing the demands of motherhood with entrepreneurial success, sharing practical tips and inspiring stories.

Women’s Equity: Advocating for gender equity in business, highlighting the importance of creating opportunities for all women.

The Kat Roberts Experience

Attending a keynote by Kat Roberts is not just listening to a speech; it’s embarking on a journey. Her engaging storytelling and practical advice create a memorable and motivating experience. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner, or someone seeking inspiration, Kat’s talks offer something valuable for everyone.
Authentic Storytelling: Relatable, impactful stories that resonate with diverse audiences.
Proven Expertise: Insights from building a multi-million dollar business and extensive real-world experience.
Empowerment Focus: Dedicated to helping women achieve their full potential in both business and life.
Empowerment Focus: Dedicated to helping women achieve their full potential in both business and life.
Laugther and Tears: Kats storytelling approach is filled with funny storys, and heartfelt insights.

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