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report that being part of a supportive community helps reduce feelings of loneliness and stress.

Finding the Right Fit with Emtota Circles

Joining a mastermind or group coaching program can be transformative, but what if the group isn't the right fit for you? At Emtota, our advanced matching process ensures you're placed in a circle with like-minded women who share your goals and values, and bring diverse perspectives and varying levels of experience. Our unique approach combines technology and human insight to create supportive, cohesive groups where you can thrive.

Why Emtota Circles?

At Emtota, we believe that genuine connections and small group coaching are essential for personal and business growth. Our circles provide a supportive environment where female entrepreneurs can share experiences, gain insights, and build lasting relationships.

Accountability and Motivation

Being part of a small group, custom-matched group encourages accountability and keeps you motivated to achieve your goals.

Diverse Perspectives

Gain new insights and ideas from peers who understand your challenges and can offer valuable advice and diverse perspectives.

Supportive Network

Build strong, genuine connections that provide emotional and professional support, reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation.

How our Matching Process Works

Our advanced matchmaking technology ensures that you are paired with the perfect circle of like-minded women. Here's how it works:

Detailed Onboarding

Complete our comprehensive onboarding questions and personality profile. This helps us understand your industry, goals, and personal preferences.

Custom Matching Algorithm

Our technology analyses your profile and matches you with seven other ambitious women whose goals, values, and personalities complement yours.

Personalised Circles

Each circle is carefully curated to ensure a diverse yet cohesive group, enhancing the learning and support experience.

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Human Touch

While our AI technology does the initial matching, our team reviews and fine-tunes each circle to ensure the best possible fit.

Personal Growth Metrics

We track your progress and adapt the circle dynamics to support your evolving needs and goals.

Continuous Optimisation

We regularly review and optimise our circle matching process based on feedback, member progress and machine learning.

Our Circles are Tailored to Your Business Needs

The path to business growth shares common elements across business level and industries, but we recognise that each business has unique needs. Our Circles are designed to match you with individuals from similar industries and business levels, ensuring relevant and valuable interactions

Business Stage

We understand that the right group can make all the difference in your business journey. That’s why we’ve designed our Circles to cater to different stages of business development. Here’s how we structure our Circles to ensure you find the perfect fit:

Start-Up Circles

Businesses Less Than 6 Months Old

Purpose: To help new entrepreneurs lay a strong foundation.
Focus Areas: Business planning, initial marketing strategies, and early-stage growth, financial foundations, funding opportunities and more.
Why It’s Important: Early guidance can set the stage for future success, preventing common pitfalls.

Growth Accelerator Circles

Businesses 6 Months to 2 Years Old

Purpose: To support businesses that have moved past the initial launch phase and are ready to scale.
Focus Areas: Customer acquisition, operational efficiency, and scaling strategies.
Why It’s Important: This stage is critical for solidifying your market position and building sustainable growth.

Momentum Circles

Businesses Over 2 Years Old

Purpose: To provide advanced strategies for businesses looking to maintain growth and stability.
Focus Areas: Diversification, leadership development, and long-term strategic planning.
Why It’s Important: Mature businesses need to innovate continually and adapt to changing market conditions.

Legacy Leaders Circles

Businesses with Over $5 Million in Revenue

Purpose: To support high-revenue businesses in achieving long-term legacy and impact.
Focus Areas: Advanced leadership techniques, strategic legacy planning, and high-impact networking.
Why It’s Important: Businesses at this level need to focus on creating a lasting legacy, sustaining high performance, and driving innovation while preparing for future challenges.

Industry Specific

To ensure our members receive the most relevant and targeted support, we have created industry-specific Circles that align with our main business stage categories. We do not place direct competitors together; instead, we connect you with peers in similar fields, allowing for open and productive collaboration.Here are the four types of industry-specific Circles:


Online Retail and E-Commerce Businesses

Purpose: To address the unique challenges faced by e-commerce entrepreneurs.
Focus Areas: Online sales strategies, digital marketing, customer experience, and supply chain management.
Why It’s Important: E-commerce businesses operate in a fast-paced, highly competitive environment. Tailored strategies and peer support are crucial for success.

Digital Services

Digital Marketing, IT, Consulting, and Other Service-Based Businesses

Purpose: To support digital service providers in optimising their business models and scaling their services.
Focus Areas: Client acquisition, service delivery optimisation, digital marketing, and technology integration.
Why It’s Important: Digital service businesses need to stay ahead of technological trends and continually refine their service offerings to remain competitive.

Physical Services

Brick-and-Mortar Service Providers Like Salons, Cafes, Law Firms, and other localised businesses

Purpose: To provide tailored support for businesses that offer in-person services.
Focus Areas: Customer service excellence, local marketing strategies, operational efficiency, and community engagement.
Why It’s Important: Physical service providers face unique challenges, including managing physical locations and providing exceptional in-person customer experiences.

Freelancers & Solo Entrepreneurs

Freelancers, Contractors, and Solo Entrepreneurs

Purpose: To support individuals who run their own business independently.
Focus Areas: Time management, client acquisition, personal branding, and scaling strategies.
Why It’s Important: Freelancers and solo entrepreneurs often face unique challenges related to managing all aspects of their business alone. Peer support and tailored strategies can provide significant benefits.

The Importance of Genuine Connections

Creating genuine connections through Emtota Circles is crucial for your personal and business success. Here’s why:

Shared Learning

Circles provide a platform for shared learning, allowing members to benefit from each other’s successes and challenges.

entrepreneur microgroup

Enhanced Success

Entrepreneurs with strong peer networks are 70% more likely to succeed in their ventures.

womens microgroup

Increased Productivity

Group coaching participants often experience a 20% increase in productivity due to the structured support and diverse perspectives provided by their peers.

Emotional Support

78% of female entrepreneurs report that peer support helps reduce feelings of loneliness and stress.

Ready to transform your business and make new friends?

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An Emtota Circle is a small, carefully matched group of 8 female entrepreneurs who meet regularly for a facilitated coaching session. Our platform also allows for more casual catch ups, where you can share experiences and support each other's business growth and personal development.

Our advanced matching process combines detailed onboarding, custom algorithms, and human insight to ensure you are placed in a circle with like-minded women who share your goals, values, and offer diverse perspectives and experience levels. We create circles based on Industry, revenue level and personality type. 

Connecting with an amazing group of women! And of course, other benefits include accelerated business growth, expert-led guidance, and a thriving community of supportive, ambitious women. You'll gain access to industry-specific resources, personalised coaching, and a network that fosters collaboration and motivation.

Emtota Circles meet once a month for a facilitated coaching session (check out our coaching page for more information). You meet via our digital platform  (video call).  If you cannot make it to your session, don't worry, these are recorded and only members of your circle have access to this content.  There are also additional opportunities for your circle to meet up more regularly - it is up to your circle!  Extra catch ups can be set up on our platform, as and when needed. 

If you can't attend a live circle coaching session, don't worry! All sessions are recorded and uploaded to our digital platform, in your Circle's page, so you can catch up at your convenience. For privacy reasons, video recordings are not downloadable and cannot be viewed or shared to people outside of your Circle. 

We work hard to make sure you are matched to a Circle that works for you. We recommend you give it time, as you would with any new relationship. However, we want our members to be happy and we understand that fit is crucial. If you feel your current circle isn't the right match, we will work with you to find a more suitable group that better aligns with your needs and goals. 

Joining is easy! Sign up on our website, complete the onboarding process, and we'll match you with a circle of like-minded women. You'll receive all the information you need to start your journey with Emtota. 

Yes, there is a membership fee to join Emtota, which covers access to your Circle, all facilitated coaching sessions, your customised action plan and reporting, our inspiring speaker series and all courses and resources on our digital platform. Please visit our pricing page for detailed information.

We continuously optimise our circles based on member feedback and progress. Our combination of technology and human oversight ensures that each circle remains supportive, cohesive, and effective.