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Business Coaching & Curriculum Overview

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Our business coaching approach is designed for female entrepreneurs ready to amplify their growth, profits, and impact.

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Why our Business Coaching works

Welcome to Emtota's 12-Month Business Curriculum! Our comprehensive program is designed to empower female entrepreneurs with the skills, strategies, and support needed to achieve business growth. Each month, we work on a new topic that builds on the previous month’s lessons, ensuring a seamless and impactful learning experience.

Personalised Action Plans

During our detailed onboarding process, we create an customised action plan, focusing on your business growth goals.

Expert-Led Coaching Sessions

Attend online 90-minute sessions every month, led by experienced coaches who provide practical advice and industry-specific strategies.

Direct and Impactful Approach

Our coaching is direct and to the point. We focus on what truly matters, ensuring no time is wasted on irrelevant details.

Strategic Implementation with Tech Focus

We don’t just create strategies; we help you implement them. We teach you how to use tech to automate and streamline yuor business. Our sessions are designed to translate plans into actionable steps.

Consistent Follow-Up

Enjoy 15 minute monthly one-on-one calls with your coach. Regular follow-ups ensure you stay on track. We monitor progress, provide feedback, and adjust strategies as needed to keep you moving forward.

Easy to Use Digital Resources and Workbooks

Each month, you’ll receive an easy-to-use digital workbook, tailored to the month’s focus. These workbooks include done-for-you templates, formulations, tasks, links, and additional resources. They are designed to be concise and to the point.

Small Group Coaching in Your Emtota Circle

We know that every business is unique, and so are the needs of our members. That’s why our coaching program is designed to adapt to the specific needs of every Emtota Circle, whether it's based on industry, revenue level, or business stage. While we follow the same overarching topics each month, the content and strategies are tailored to ensure maximum relevance and impact for your particular Circle.

Industry-Specific Insights

Whether you’re in technology, retail, or services, our program addresses the nuances and challenges unique to your sector, providing strategies that are directly applicable to your field.

Revenue-Based Strategies

From startups to established enterprises, we tailor our advice to fit your current revenue stage and profit level, ensuring you get the most effective tactics for growth and scalability.

Business Stage Focus

Whether you're just launching, scaling, or looking to refine your operations, our curriculum adapts to meet you where you are, offering the right support and expertise for your specific stage.

Empowering Growth with Systems, Automation, and Technology

At Emtota, we understand that leveraging technology is crucial for modern business success. Throughout our 6-month coaching program, we will not only cover essential business growth topics (outlined below) but also help you implement cutting-edge systems, automation, and AI strategies to make your business more efficient - giving you more time and freedom! These tools will help streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and drive sustainable growth, ensuring your business runs smoother and more cost-effectively.

Curriculum Overview

Emtota Business Growth Accelerator
6 Month Program

Our 6 month Business Growth Accelerator program will ensure you have laid a solid foundation for your business, refined your strategies, and integrated advanced systems and technologies. You will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to drive sustainable growth and achieve your business goals. And this is just the beginning!

On completion of this program you'll receive the "Emtota Business Growth Certificate"
(if you frame it, it'll look beautiful on your office wall!)
Month One

Unlocking Growth: Refining Business Foundations and Value Creation

In our first month, we'll revisit and refine the core components of your business. You'll learn advanced value creation strategies, identify new market gaps, and strengthen your value proposition to ensure your business meets evolving customer needs and is ready for sustainable growth. Additionally, we'll introduce AI and automation tools to enhance your value creation process.

Month Two

Amplify Your Reach: Mastering Marketing Strategies for Expansion

This month focuses on enhancing your marketing strategies. Discover how to create compelling marketing messages and optimise your digital marketing efforts. Develop a robust marketing plan that resonates with your target audience and drives business growth. We'll also cover how AI can enhance marketing campaigns and provide insights into the latest marketing automation tools that will work for your business. 

Month Three

Seal the Deal: Optimising Sales for Higher Conversions

In Month Three, we turn our attention to sales. We'll explore techniques to build stronger customer relationships, handle objections effectively, and close deals more efficiently. Optimize your sales process to boost conversion rates and drive revenue growth through practical exercises and role-playing scenarios.

Month Four

Delight and Deliver: Elevating Value Delivery and Customer Experience

Lets enhance your value delivery and customer experience. Implement quality control processes, utilise customer feedback for continuous improvement, and develop strategies to build customer loyalty. Ensure your product or service consistently exceeds customer expectations. Learn how automation can improve customer service and delivery efficiency, including the latest in chatbot technology, email marketing and automated customer feedback systems.

Month Five

Financial Mastery: Strengthening Business Finances

Lets delve into financial management (vital to business success!). Gain a deeper understanding of financial statements, key metrics, and budgeting techniques. Learn to manage cash flow effectively and conduct profitability analysis. Explore AI tools for financial analysis and management, such as automated accounting software and financial forecasting tools.

Month Six

Scale Up: Strategies for Sustainable Growth

This month centers on scaling your business. Develop a strategic plan for long-term growth, learn the importance of effective hiring and team building, and conduct a competitive analysis to identify new opportunities. Encourage innovation and continuous improvement to keep your business thriving. Discover how technology can support scalable growth, including project management tools, collaboration platforms, and advanced analytics.

Womens Networking Event
Women in Business
Womens Business Awards
Female Keynote Speaker

graduation ceremony

Celebrate Your Success with Emtota!

Our Graduation Ceremony acknowledges your commitment and success with Emtota. Held annually during our in-person conference. This event is packed with fun, surprises, and unforgettable moments!

  • In-Person Celebration: Join us for a day filled with inspiring speakers and networking with fellow graduates and industry leaders.

  • Virtual Access: Can’t make it in person? No problem! We stream the entire event live, so you can enjoy your graduation from anywhere.

Emtota Business Growth Certificate
When you complete our 6-month program, you will receive the prestigious "Emtota Business Growth Certificate" recognising your commitment and growth. This award symbolises your journey, achievements, and the legacy you are building!

Continuing Your Journey: Phase Two
Months 6 - 12 (if you decided to contiune working with Emtota!)

Emtota Business Mastery Accelerator
6 Month Program

The journey to business excellence doesn't stop after you're first 6 months. Upon completing the Emtota Business Growth Accelerator, you are invited to join the Emtota Business Mastery Accelerator. This advanced program is designed to build on your achievements and propel your business to new heights.

What to Expect in Phase Two:

Advanced Strategies for Business Growth

Dive deeper into sophisticated growth strategies that will help you scale your business even further.

In-Depth Market Expansion Techniques

Learn how to effectively expand your market reach and tap into new customer segments.

Leadership and Team Building Excellence

Master the skills needed to build a high-performing team and lead your business with confidence.

Innovative Technologies and Trends

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest technological advancements and industry trends that can transform your business.

Are you Ready to Achieve Your Business Goals?

Increase your profits, learn effective sales and marketing strategies and how to scale your business sustainable - all while working with an incredible group of women!

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