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Hi there, I'm Kat!

I'm so glad you are here!

My mission is to help women achieve business success without sacrificing self-care. I believe that when you're at your best, so is your business.

  • BA Psychology & Sociology
  • Certified Life & Transformation Coach
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My personal welcome to you

I’m thrilled to welcome you to Emtota! If you’re looking for a place where business brilliance meets personal joy, you’ve found it. I’m here to help you thrive both professionally and personally because I truly believe that when you’re at your best, so is your business. After owning my business for over 10 years, I often felt disappointed by the lack of genuine support and community in business coaching. I wanted to create a welcoming, ego-free space where women could receive real, impactful support from those who have actually built successful businesses. That's why I founded Emtota.

A Bit About Me

I was born in the late 80s in Auckland, New Zealand. Motherhood has always been a big part of my life - I'm a proud mum of five! As a young woman, I never imagined I’d have such a big, wonderfully chaotic family, but I've always embraced the unexpected. My journey as a mum started at 17, as a single teen mother - a challenging time that taught me resilience and determination. As a working mother, I often felt judged and guilty, but I love my work, and it makes me a better mum. I've learned a lot over the years, and these experiences ignited a passion in me to build a successful life and help other women do the same.

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My Business Journey

From selling over $15 million in products online to managing the chaos of a seven-figure business and a bustling household, I've experienced it all. But let's be honest, it wasn’t always smooth sailing. There were times I was burnt out, overwhelmed, and very sick - I wanted to quit! These challenges taught me the importance of running a business intelligently (automation, outsourcing and understanding cashflow!). I believe that balance is an essential part of success, especially for us women! Now, I help women build thriving businesses while maintaining their well-being and happiness.

Why Emtota?

I created Emtota because I believe in a different kind of business coaching - one that’s fun, supportive, and holistic, with real genuine connections. We want to hit those financial goals; as well as thriving in other aspects of life! Emtota is here to provide the community, expert coaching, and holistic support you need to build your dream business and live your best life.

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What does 'Emtota' mean?

I wanted a creative, original name for this business and set out to find something special. The name Emtota is a tribute to my daughters -Emilia, Tori, and Tahlia - and represents my commitment to empowering women everywhere. I want to lay a foundation for them and for girls around the world to dream big and achieve even bigger. As Emtota grows, I look forward to creating scholarships and funding for young female entrepreneurs.


I would love you to join me

I believe, with the right support, every woman can build a successful, profitable business and lead a happy, fulfilling life. With Emtota, you'll find a space where you can grow your business and nurture your well-being, surrounded by like-minded women who understand your journey.